I first heard Rise Against just while looking for heavy metal music for a video
I was working on. I had not expected to like any of the music I was to find.

But then I heard Rise Against's Savior, and I was like - hey, this is good,
I should listen to some more of their stuff. After a few songs, I just had to look them up, and what do you know? They care about the same values I do. Well, then.

AND they had a new record that's called Wolves. Wolves! I just had to use it for my redesign project.

This is the graphic score of the chorus.
The vocals are represented by black lashes, similar to the elements found in the textured background, and follow the rise of the voices.
The guitars are represented by the red lines, whose contour was inspired by the canines of the wolves. Like the teeth, the guitars bite into the song.
The thumps and the rhythmic sound of the drums are represented by the orange circles.