I have been bothered by litter for as long as I remember, but most of the time I just bitch about it. However, one Monday as I was walking to school, I saw an item of litter on the corner of 3rd Av. and 59th St. It was the only piece of litter in the area. There were no trash cans nearby. On the other hand, the item was not too gross, just a piece of coffee-cup sleeve, standing on its bottom. After a moment of hesitation, while waiting for the light to change, I picked it up.
That's nice of you, I heard someone say. It was a man, drinking coffee from a disposable coffee cup without a sleeve. Does it matter if he was the person who dropped the sleeve or not? Either way, I was inspired.
That's when I started plogging.

Why not wear a plogging shirt and/or button to inspire others to do the same?